Weeks After Daily Show Takedown #1, CNBC Still Has People Talking

By SteveK 

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On March 4, Jon Stewart’s eight-minute CNBC rant began a discussion of the financial news leader that continues nearly three weeks later. Some recent write-ups:

• Marketwatch’s Jon Friedman writes that now is the time for FBN and Bloomberg to capitalize on the CNBC perception. “The priority for Fox Business and Bloomberg is simple: become the anti-CNBC,” he writes. Besides giving his take on how each network can accomplish this, he also floats the name of a potential replacement for the outgoing SVP, Jonathan Wald: Washington bureau chief, Mark Whitaker. “His leadership could help CNBC regain some lost luster,” he writes.

• The New York Times’ Brian Stelter writes about CNBC’s unwavering trust in Jim Cramer. “The business network, a unit of NBC Universal, continues to show the ‘In Cramer We Trust’ commercials,” writes Stelter. “On Friday afternoon, one of the commercials — which play off the United States motto ‘In God We Trust’ to promote Mr. Cramer’s program ‘Mad Money’ — called him ‘the voice of experience you can trust.'”

• Dan Gifford writes on the blog Big Hollywood about what Cramer should have said to defend himself during his Daily Show appearance. “Why didn’t Cramer point out the video clip that got played ad nauseum on practically every network of him screaming about impending doom in the financial markets on August 3, 2007 before the market bear took hold?” he writes. Gifford also describes his experience working for CNN Moneyline and auditioning for a spot at CNBC.