Web Video War: MSNBC.com Serves More Free Videos Than CNN.com

By Brian 

Last week, I posted the highights of a Turner study of Web traffic, filled with lots of good news for CNN.com.

“Visitors to CNN.com… watched more than 600 million videos in ’06 at an average of 51 million per month,” THR’s summary of the study said. 600 million is pretty impressive — so I was surprised to learn that MSNBC.com served even more videos than CNN.com in 2006.

CNN’s source is internal logs, so a true comparison is impossible. But MSNBC.com delivered 712 million videos last year, significantly higher than its competition, according to Omniture.

Additionally, “CNN.com’s highest video month was December with 67 million videos. MSNBC.com’s highest month was September was 88 million or 31% higher than CNN.com’s best,” MSNBC.com marketing VP Catherine Captain said in a memo to staffers last month…