Weather Channel’s Erika Navarro Presents a Pretty Great Storm Surge Graphic

By A.J. Katz 

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The Weather Channel has always been on the cutting edge in how it presents the weather to its audience. But the network may have hit a new level Thursday afternoon.

On-camera meteorologist Erika Navarro walks the viewer through a pretty savvy top-side view of the Carolina seaboard, including the densely populated portions of Eastern Carolina.

The green screen portion of the map seems pretty savvy in itself. But then wait until 45-seconds in, where the studio transforms into a 3-D room-encompassing depiction of a typical North Carolina neighborhood. Navarro actually walks us through would it could look like if someone finds him or herself in a scenario where waters are rapidly rising around them.

Here, the “show” is arguably as effective as the “tell.”



She’s Moses!!

We’ll be updating Hurricane Florence TV coverage plans throughout the day, so keep an eye on that as well.