Watergate In The Cable News Era

By Brian 

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Last night on Larry King Live, Carl Bernstein wondered if he and Bob Woodward could have reported the Watergate scandal in the age of cable news:

“Look at the difference in media today. Look at — could this have happened today? Remember, we were out on our own. There were a couple of other reporters working pretty hard on this story, but “The Washington Post,” our stories were not believed by our colleagues in the press. And at the same time, there were only three networks, no 24-hour newscasts. I’m not at all sure that the same way that Buchanan and Liddy and all these guys have gotten on this week and said, oh, it’s all a bunch of nonsense, had they had that soapbox, that 24-hour soapbox then, it might have been more difficult. I don’t know.”

Woodward said the problem is “the impatience that everyone has. Tell us the latest…This insistence on speed.” Here’s the full transcript…