Watch CNBC, MSNBC or Bloomberg… No Cable Subscription Necessary

By Alex Weprin 

Last week we noted how Bloomberg has released an iPad app that let’s users watch the channel live on their tablet. But the iPad isn’t the only place Bloomberg is available for streaming online.

As noted by Ad Age last week, RadixTV sells a $15 a month package giving subscribers access to Bloomberg, CNBC and MSNBC on just about any device. The service is targeted for business professionals, who may not have access to a television while at work.

Business news isn’t your thing? A company called Sky Angel offers Fox News Channel, along with Hallmark, MLB Network and other Christian-focused networks for less than a typical cable bill would cost.

Whether these services catch on remains to be seen, but it is clear that there are some new IP-based rivals to traditional cable companies lurking in the wings, waiting to steal some cost-conscious consumers.