Was the Most Expensive Super Bowl Ad Also the Best?

By Noah Davis 

Chrysler ran the first two-minute advertisement in Super Bowl history on Sunday night. The company had to get permission for the spot, which featured Eminem, because most breaks only last 90 seconds. It was the most expensive ad in Super Bowl history since it’s the only one that filled four spots. But did America respond positively?

Well, yes and no.

According to USA Today’s Ad Meter, the Chrysler mini-movie finished 44th, sandwiched between trailers for Fast and Furious and Cowboys and Aliens. Not very good.

But another measure shows more promise.It has 862 Facebook Likes, more than all but four ads above it on the Ad Meter scoreboard. That’s a pretty small sample size, but it’s telling nonetheless.

Our take: There were too many problems with the Chrysler ad – length, Eminem, no humor – for it to be the “Best” ad of the Super Bowl. The issues will turn too many people off, hence the low score. But those that enjoyed it, really, really liked it. And it’s certainly drawing more than its fair share of discussion. You can’t ask for more.

Here’s the full version of the Darth Vader/Volkswagon ad. If VW spends the extra dough and runs this clip in its entirety, it wins the best ad debate hands down.