Was Scarborough Actually Aiming at Anderson?

By SteveK 

When MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough talked about how “a couple of hosts” ran with the story of Sen. John McCain’s “gaffe” Tuesday night, many people thought he was talking about Keith Olbermann. Scarborough told TVNewser yesterday, “That is simply not true.” And today, on Morning Joe, he pointed to an anchor on “another network,” as his target.

It seems to indicate CNN’s Anderson Cooper: the only anchor, other than Olbermann, to talk about the story Tuesday night. This morning, Scarborough said, “People thought I was talking about Keith Olbermann. He doesn’t work for another network. I was talking about someone on another network.” (Click here to see the clip)

Said co-host Mika Brzezinski, “I know because we were talking off camera, I know that too.”

On Tuesday’s AC360, Cooper asked his guest Joe Klein. “Let’s talk about the political repercussions, if any…I don’t like to play gotcha, you know, words slip up here and there, I usually tend to ignore it, but how significant a mistake is this?”

But while Cooper spent nearly 20 minutes discussing the McCain comment, he never once mentioned CBS or their editing of the interview.

(Oh and Joe, your blogger jokes are hilarious. We’re sure Brian Williams [Daily Nightly], Willie Geist [Zeitgeist] and…how about Keith Olbermann [Daily Kos] think so too.)

Click continued to see part of Cooper’s segment on the McCain “gaffe” Tuesday…