Was John Green’s Punishment “Disproportionate To The Offense?”

By Brian 

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John Green‘s punishment at GMA “has sparked a discussion within media circles about the proper limits of newsroom repartee and the meaning of objectivity in a polarized and electronically connected environment,” the New York Times writes.

“Authenticated e-mail messages, as in Mr. Green’s case, muddy that image of journalistic probity in ways that similarly casual spoken conversations do not. As a result, some news executives and media observers reluctantly agree with ABC’s action, arguing that journalists must avoid any appearances of being emotionally or ideologically involved with the subjects of their reporting.

Others wonder what exactly Mr. Green did wrong, other than embarrass some executives. The punishment, they worry, is disproportionate to the offense. News organizations, more than any other segment in society, they argue, should be wary about inhibiting the speech of their employees.” More…