Want To Meet Aaron Brown? Check Grand Central Station

By Brian 

Peter Jennings‘s death had a profound impact on Aaron Brown.

In a Q&A with the Star-Tribune, he says: “I started thinking less and less about what I was accomplishing and more and more about what I’m missing. What had I sacrificed to become me? I had absolutely decided that once my CNN contract expired in 2007, I was going to do something else. To be honest, I wanted to walk away on my own terms, but when it went down, I was the calmest guy in the room. I’m at peace now with all of it.”

> Also: Brown says he has been “talking to some people about doing an interview program and maybe a couple of documentaries a year. I’ve pretty much set up an office at Grand Central Station. If you want to talk to me, we sit in one of three restaurants there and do business. That way, I don’t have to pay rent. No one is paying any attention to us because we’re lost in the crowd, and I can get the train and be home in 32 minutes.”