Wanda Sykes on FOX, Makes Fox News a Punchline

By Chris Ariens 

Wanda Sykes’ new show premiered Saturday night on FOX-TV, and for much of the show the comedienne took shots at Fox News and conservative talkers.

Sykes began her monologue with, “Let me be the first person on FOX not to pick on President Obama.” From there, most of the show came from her political perspective, which is not in line with FNC’s opinion hosts. In a parody of the film Paranormal Activity, Sykes was going to scare Glenn Beck: “Oooh, public option.”

Sykes also joked about the “Sesame Street” parody of Fox News. “When Oscar the grouch spoofed Fox News. They called it ‘pox news’ and said it was really ‘trashy.’ And the right wingers went nuts. Rush Limbaugh called for a boycott and Dick Cheney shot big bird in the beak.”

Sykes criticized the reaction to the DOW hitting 10,000 as being no big deal. Using a clip from Neil Cavuto, as well as CNBC, Sykes’ point was that Pres. Obama, and some in corporate America, should be getting some of the credit for the market’s turnaround. “As much as I talk about Fox News,” said Sykes, “If Rupert Murdoch walked through this door, I would turn and say, thank you. Can I get you a t-shirt?”

Sykes appointed herself the ‘Telling-people-where-to-go-and-what-to-kiss’ czar. “And Fox News, if you want an exclusive, pucker up.”

As for the ratings, Variety reports the show is off to a good start. The premiere averaged 2.2 rating/5 share in Nielsen’s metered-markets, up 16% from “MAD TV’s” fourth-quarter average (1.9/4) and double what Spike Feresten‘s show did last winter (1.1/2).