V&W: “World News Now” Premieres

By Brian 

It’s time for World News Now. Click here to watch ABC’s premiere WNT webcast. (It airs from 3 to 3:15pm.)

> 3:15pm: “That’s it from us,” Vargas concluded. “For Bob Woodruff and all of us at ABC News, thanks for taking the time. Click on us again tomorrow and join us tonight on World News Tonight.”

> 3:14pm: Near the end of the webcast, Vargas turned to “news on the web,” including lists of the Top Stories and Top Videos on ABCNews.com. (GMA’s report on an Abs Diet has been particularly popular.)

> 3:10pm: Following Woodruff’s phoner, Vargas talked to correspondent David Kerley live in WV. After that, George Stephanopoulos was in D.C. to talk about the Abramoff scandal. Betsy Stark also appeared to preview tonight’s WNT report on credit card debt.

> 3:03pm: Vargas anchored an excellent two-minute news brief. Then the announcer chimed in: “This is World News Now, available anytime anywhere you want it.” Woodruff joined Vargas via phone from Tehran.

> 3:01pm: The Webcast began with a taped stand-up from Iran. “I’m Bob Woodruff in Tehran. As the new year begins we’re here to report on one of the world’s true hot spots…” He tossed to Vargas in NYC. “Here are some of the top stories we’re wokring on for today,” she said. “Thirteen miners are still trapped…”

> 2:56pm: “Elizabeth Vargas will anchor today’s edition of World News Now with Bob Woodruff contributing a report from Iran,” ABC said.

>2:56pm: “This marks the first time an evening newscast has produced a unique program for the Internet audience.”