Voters Say Anderson Cooper Will Ask Toughest Questions, Be Least Biased Moderator

By Mark Joyella 

While GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has singled out CNN’s Anderson Cooper, saying the AC 360 anchor was a poor choice to moderate one of the upcoming presidential debates, voters disagree, calling Cooper the best overall choice among the moderators, and the moderator most likely to ask the toughest questions and show the least amount of bias.

A Morning Consult national tracking poll of registered voters asked “Which debate moderator do you think will host the best debate overall?” Thirty-eight percent had no opinion, but of those who named a moderator, Cooper was first choice, with 28 percent. NBC’s Lester Holt and FNC’s Chris Wallace were tied with 15 percent each, and ABC’s Martha Raddatz was last, at 8 percent.

Voters picked Cooper as the moderator who would ask the toughest questions (28 percent), followed by Wallace (18 percent), Holt (13 percent) and Raddatz (9 percent).

And Cooper was first choice for the moderator who would show the least bias in either direction (22 percent), followed by Holt (17 percent), Wallace (15 percent) and Raddatz (9 percent).