Video: Bruins announcer Jack Edwards rants about royalty, liberty and other nonsense

By Cam Martin 

Anyone who has listened to a Bruins game knows that Jack Edwards is the biggest homer of all time, and that’s fine. In his own way he’s no worse than Suzyn Waldman for the Yankees or any number of fawning media members who refuse to criticize their own teams no matter the circumstances. But Edwards operates on his own ethereal plane in these matters, taking the rhetoric (and inanity) to pioneering heights. Witness this harangue about royalty, the “free and independent states” of New England, the Boston Tea Party and a whole lot of other nonsense after the Bruins beat their hated rivals, the Canadiens, in overtime of Game 7 last night.

Never let it be said that stupidity doesn’t sell.

(H/T to Awful Announcing for video)