Vicente Fox Still Won’t Pay for That ‘F**king Wall’ He Tells FBN’s Maria Bartiromo

By Chris Ariens 

In an interview set to air on Sunday’s Al Punto, businessman turned politician Vicente Fox told Univision’s Jorge Ramos Mexico won’t “pay for that fucking wall.” He was talking about the wall businessman turned politician Donald Trump has vowed to build to stop illegal immigration and drug trafficking into the U.S.

That led Trump to fire off a tweet demanding an apology. He asked for one again last night at the GOP debate in Houston adding that because of the former Mexican president’s comments, the wall “just got 10 feet higher.”

Well, this morning, Fox went on Fox Business, in a live Skype interview with Maria Bartiromo. The more than 10-minute interview culminated with the same salty language: “We’re not going to pay for that FUCKING wall,” Fox said, with an extra emphasis on the expletive.

Fox said he wouldn’t apologize to Trump for using it the first time. And Bartiromo did the apologizing for the second: “I want to apologize to the viewers, we didn’t expect the president to curse the way he did. This is live television and it went out on the air,” said Bartiromo.