Vice News Tells Advertisers That With 2020 on the Horizon, Now Is the Time to Get On-Board

By A.J. Katz 

Vice Media held its 2019 NewFront this afternoon. While the revamped, consolidated Vice Digital ( and cable channel Viceland were focal points of the presentation, Vice News got some love as well.

Vice News Washington DC bureau chief Shawna Thomas was among those who presented. She said the DC bureau is currently staffing up, and plugged Vice News Tonight’s 2020 election cycle audience as something advertisers should see as an opportunity.

“Vice News is much more than its linear television channel,” Thomas remarked at one point.

There’s a long-form documentary series on the docket, The Contenders, where reporters and producers from the Emmy and Peabody award-winning nightly newscast team up with filmmakers to give Vice News consumers a look at the behind-the-scenes stories, records and biographical moments behind the current group of 2020 Democratic candidates.

It’s probably fair to say many Vice fans will be first-time voters in 2020.

Ironically, Vice’s NewFront took place three months to the day after the company reorganized and was forced to lay off 10% of its workforce.

Our colleague, Adweek tech reporter Kelsey Sutton has more on what happened today at the Vice NewFront.