Vice Captures Soccer in its Own Way

By Noah Davis Comment

Those crazy kids at Vice are back with a series on soccer. Of course, they put their own unique spin on the proceedings.

The this third installment of their We Are Eleven offering, the VBS.TV team travels to Brazil where they meet up with Gavioes da Fiel, the largest supporter group of Corinthians. They met Miss Fiel, a well-endowed enthusiast and samba dancer. You can imagine where it goes from there. (To the stadium for a game.)

The segments are obviously sponsored by FIFA 11 (see screenshot), and you have to think Vice made a good bit of money on the venture. Then again, they’ve never been shy about mixing marketing with editorial. And the content is worthwhile.

(Found via This Is American Soccer‘s Twitter feed. Head over to TIAS for a making of Pelada from Gwendolyn Oxenham, who SportsNewser interviewed in September. Synergy complete.)