Vic "The Brick" Jacobs In Rare Form At Super Bowl XLV Media Day

By Marcus Vanderberg 

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ARLINGTON – One of the original media sideshows, Vic “The Brick” Jacobs, was in rare form at the Super Bowl XLV Media Day.

For those who aren’t familiar with Jacobs and his antics, he’s the eccentric Fox Sports Radio host, best known for his outlandish outfits and love of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Jacobs, decked out in three fur coats, was holding court with fellow members of the media Tuesday at Media Day.

“It’s a whole different vibe,” Jacobs said on how the Super Bowl compares to the NBA Finals. “The football players are searching for a form of serenity that I think I can bring them. The Green Bay Packers are very open. This young dude, [Brandon] Underwood, wanted to hear my mantras. He wanted to hear my Zen riddles. And he was just listening with intensity. Some players are very open to what I’m saying and they want it. It’s such a violent game.”

If you think he’s joking, think again.

As for the landscape of sports talk radio, Jacobs believes Fox Sports Radio is the leader in the market.

“Fox Sports Radio is the spirit of sports right now,” Jacobs added. “Fox Sports epitomizes the spirit. You watch their broadcasts. You can see the way they do television. That’s what they are transferring into radio. We are one Fox family now, sharing portals and actual sets. There’s a great synergy happening at Fox because they understand that is what’s happening. Fox is not just the now but the present and the future of sports. ESPN is great but it’s more X’s and O’s. Fox is more the spirit of sports and the passion. The fun of sports.”

Feeling you, Vic.