Venezuelan Govt. Criticizes CNN

By Brian 

Quoting Venezuelan Minister of Communication Willian Lara criticized CNN “for broadcasting video showing anti-government demonstrations followed by images from Acapulco, Mexico, that showed protests against the death of a Mexican journalist and for juxtaposing Chavez to video showing the body of an alleged al Qaeda leader and protests in China.”

According to The Times, CNNI VP Tony Maddox said “that the network had already given a detailed apology for the mistake in using footage from Mexico and ‘denies categorically being engaged in a campaign to discredit or attack Venezuela.’

As for the image of Mr Chávez next to bin Laden, Mr Maddox said that ‘unrelated news stories can be juxtaposed in a given segment of television news in the same way that a newspaper page or a website can have news items with no relation to each other placed side by side.'”