Vargas/Woodruff: Ticker, Part Two

By Brian 

> For Jake Tapper, the announcement prompts a haiku titled: On the occasion of finally having the answers as to who the anchors will be…

    Vargas and Woodruff;

    Bashir, McFadden, Moran.


    Back to work!

> “Congratulations to our newly-named competitors,” Brian Williams blogs today. “While I have transmitted a personal message to each of them, the truth is there’s nothing new about them as competitors whatsoever. For many weeks now, I have been going head-to-head with one or the other (in addition to the great Charlie Gibson) and know them all to be top-notch people and top-notch journalists.”

> An e-mailer says: “Remember when NBC had Brian Williams travel the globe getting some field reporting chops, before giving him the anchor chair? Is that part of the resume no longer required? Vargas has no experience like that.” But Woodruff has…

> Several commenters think Gibson should have received the chair. Bu “this is about the best thing ABC could have done,” a more rational poster says. “A new Peter Jennings isn’t born overnight either.”