Vargas Tells Viewers About New “Focus”

By Brian 

Elizabeth Vargas‘ closing note on WNT, as transcribed on

“Before we leave tonight, a note about change. There’s been a lot of it on this broadcast. From Peter Jennings’ announcement that he had lung cancer, to his death, to the decision to name Bob Woodruff and me as the new anchors. Bob’s injury in Iraq forced us — yet again — to change the way we planned to cover the news and now, another new chapter will begin. As of Monday, Charles Gibson will be taking the helm of this broadcast as I focus on anchoring ’20/20′ and on the arrival of my new child. It’s been an honor and a privilege bringing you the news every night. And the only thing that makes this transition any easier is knowing that you will be in very capable hands. I’ll see you again tomorrow. For all of us at ABC News, good night.”

> Update: 8:11pm: “Vargas looked like she was giving a concession speech,” an e-mailer remarks…