Vanity UnFair to CNBC?

By Chris Ariens 

Dealbreaker spoke with CNBC’s Charlie Gasparino re: that Vanity Fair piece we told you about the other day. Gasparino, and a whole cast of CNBC characters, are mentioned in the story which tries to determine who, or what, really brought down investment bank Bear Stearns. As for Gasparino’s part, he’d like you to know:

• He never tried to get an interview with Bear CEO Alan Schwartz, and he doesn’t even have a producer, thereby precluding him from taking part in what Dealbreaker calls, “the catty infighting among anchors and their producers.”

Bryan Burrough [the writer of the Vanity Fair article] never called Gasparino about the story.

• Burrough “failed Journalism 101.”

• Bear went down because of its “failure to communicate with the markets.”