Va. Tech Shootings: O’Reilly’s Rant

By Brian 

Bill O’Reilly hates bloody campus shootings, but not nearly as much as he hates Rosie O’Donnell,” Jossip says.

The site says O’Reilly covered the shooting after an “outdated Talking Points segment on Don Imus, and a crazyperson rant against Rosie O’Donnell.” But that’s not true — O’Reilly buried his Talking Points in the middle of the Factor. “O’Reilly OPENED his show with the Tech shootings… then he had Greta live from Tech, then he CLOSED his show with the Tech shootings,” an e-mailer says.

Last night, an e-mailer asked: “Does he realize no one gives a flying f–k at a moment like this? There are a lot more important things going on then the far left…”