CBS to Broadcast the 2010 US Open in 3D

By Alex Weprin 

CBS will broadcast the 2010 US Open tennis tournament in 3D, according to Sean McManus, the president of CBS News & Sports.

McManus made the announcement at a CBS Sports press conference in New York.

“We are trying to be pretty aggressive in 3D,” McManus said. “We did the [NCAA Basketball] Final Four in 3D as you know, it is still very experimental, there is still a lot of discussion about how to cover it, how to get the technology in people’s homes.”

McManus says the network is looking to technology partners to help offset the costs associated with televising sporting events in 3D:

“Unlike when high definition came in and it transitioned pretty quickly to state of the art, 3D is an entirely different set-up: different cameras, different announcers, different graphics, a different production truck, so the investment is pretty lofty,” he said.

CBS has televised the Final Four and Masters golf tournament in 3D, while other networks have televised soccer, football, NBA basketball, baseball and jockey in the format.

Now the network is hoping that the tight shots and angles that define tennis coverage will pop that much more in three dimensions… assuming the viewer has a 3D-capable TV at home.

“When you look at some of the pictures in 3D, some of the stuff we did at low angles during the Final Four, it is spectacular. it is really, rally mind-blowing,” McManus said.