UReport, We’ll Decide

By Brian 

“You can now report for Fox News,” Shep Smith said on Studio B Monday. UReport is FOXNews.com’s new effort to collect user-generated content.

“We’ve been working on this project for some time now,” Smith said on the air. But to some folks in Atlanta, UReport looks like a direct rip-off of CNN’s I-Reports.

A CNN insider writes: “Fox is announcing UReports after CNN launched the successful I-Reports over six months ago. Similarly, ‘CNN Newsroom’ led to Fox rebranding their daytime programming ‘America’s Newsroom’ — to say nothing of their constant imitations of the Situation Room’s multiple screens. Is there not one person with an original thought over there?

The insider points out that CNN.com “averages 30 million unique users while FOXNews.com averages about 5 million unique users each month…”

> Update: 11:59am: A Fox insider responds: Shouldn’t CNN be more concerned about getting
beat by MSNBC?”