Update: Personnel Changes At FNC

By Brian 

Update: 1:45pm: Fox News is using ICN to respond. The network says Knowles is off F&F Weekend and “next assignment is being determined.” And the net suggests that the two Big Story producers “apparently no longer had what it takes to work at the network.”

At the TCA press tour on Monday, Roger Ailes was “asked about ongoing reports that a reporter and/or host shuffle was in the works” (Variety). “Is there imminent change in talent coming? No,” he said, “but I’m looking all the time. I don’t want anybody to get lazy and sloppy. You have to be intense about doing your job every day. If you don’t want to do that, you should go sell insurance” (NY Daily News).

Certain personnel changes are definitely happening, though. A couple weeks ago, Brigitte Quinn disappeared from Fox News Live. Fox News told ICN that “Quinn asked to have her hours cut back so that she may deal with a personal family issue.” On Monday, TVNewser heard that Chris Knowles has been shown the door. (If he goes, does Kiran Chetry go, too?)

But it appears most of the changes are happening behind the scenes. Earlier this month, TVNewser reported that Peter Zorich was taken off DaySide. Liz Smith mentioned the firing in today’s NY Post. On Monday a tipster mentioned this “curious departure:” “Both the Senior Producer and the Line Producer of The Big Story with John Gibson announced that they were leaving within days of each other.” TVNewser asked two FNC representatives to comment on the changes, and they didn’t reply. Update: 1:14pm: “Gibson’s senior producer gave his notice three months ago. While some people may be on their way out, he is leaving on good terms,” a Fox insider says.

This morning, an anonymous Fox tipster said “lots of people [are] getting canned here.” TVNewser can’t vouch for any anonymous tip — after all, some individuals may use the tip box to spread false information. But the drumbeat about personnel changes seems to be getting louder…

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