Univision Supports Attorneys General Lawsuit Against DACA Decision

By Chris Ariens 

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Univision has signed a letter in support of a lawsuit by the New York State Attorney General and 14 other states and the District of Columbia to block the repeal of DACA.

Univision has up to 60 employees who are beneficiaries of the DACA program. “From the talent in front of and behind the camera, to the sharp creative minds that make our business run, to energized interns who are the Company’s future – hard-working DACA beneficiaries are essential to creating and disseminating the news, entertainment, and services that Univision provides to millions of Americans every day,” reads their letter supporting the lawsuit.

“Univision will continue to stand by the thousands of talented DREAMers whose stories are unmistakably American,” said Univision CEO Randy Falco. “The loss of DREAMers in our workforce and in our communities will result in significant harm to the success of this great nation and to organizations like Univision that give voice to the underrepresented.”

An amended complaint was filed late Wednesday in the Eastern District of New York. It states that the Trump Administration violated the doctrine of “equitable estoppel” by failing to honor promises made to DACA grantees.