Univision Dropped by Verizon

By Chris Ariens Comment

Univison is no longer on Verison Fios.

At 5 p.m. today, Verizon pulled Univision’s signal from both its Fios and mobile platforms as contract extension talks stalled.

“Verizon chose to take this unprecedented action despite Univision’s offer of an extension of the current agreement,” the company said in a statement.

Fios has about 5 million subscribers. But, as with other operators, it is losing video subscribers–15,000 in the most recent quarter.

“We urge Verizon to put Univision back on and come back to the negotiating table and prove its commitment to the Hispanic community and show that it understands the value of Spanish-language programming,” the Univision statement continues.

Fios had added two Caribbean TV channels–WAPA America and Televisión Dominicana–to the service for ongoing coverage of Hurricane Maria, but that special service ended today.