Two Times The Tara On Today

By Brian 

You don’t see 12 minute uninterrupted interviews on the Today Show very often. But that’s how long Tara Conner had — twice — to come clean to Matt Lauer.

Part one, during the 7:30am half-hour, ran until 7:43am. “On other mornings when they want to go long, they still take a break promising more when they come back from commercial,” an e-mailer notes.

Then Conner was back at 9am to answer viewer e-mails. “Though Tara had little to say, she represented a marquee interview and they wanted to use her to win the time slot,” the e-mailer adds.

At the end of part one, Lauer added this: “We should note that the Miss Universe organization, which produces the Miss USA pageant is a partnership between donald trump and NBC Universal.” *Maybe* the “get” was a coincidence…