Two POV’s On The “Alexis Glick Situation”

By Brian 

Two e-mailer responses to Page Six’s comments about “the Alexis Glick situation” at NBC. In Thursday’s post, an insider claims that she is “very unpopular with staffers and audiences aren’t bonding.” These e-mailers disagree:

“Let me tell you about the ‘Alexis Glick” problem. I worked with her at CNBC and she is a living doll. She is gorgeous, she is brilliant (ran the floor operations at the NYSE for a major firm) and she is a TV natural. She is also happily married, a mother of two and quite well adjusted. Perhaps that is too much for the folks across the river at 30 Rock where it seems the ‘Today Show’ crowd would be perfect models for a neurotic soap opera script. If you cannot get along with Alexis, there is something wrong with YOU. The ‘Glick Problem’ is a Today Show problem and Alexis will end up on top, there or someplace else.

“Glick was very popular at CNBC, but NBC decided to take her after being on CNBC for just a few months. She was getting somewhat comfortable on-air at CNBC when she was tapped by the NBC execs. She wasn’t ready to make the move. It’s not that she is unpopluar, it’s just that she doesn’t know the ins and outs of the business — so Today producers don’t think she is worthy. She is a very kind person…”