TVNewsers Make Top Market Mover List

By SteveK 

U.S. News & World Report has come out with a list of the top 25 “people who will affect your finances in 2009.”

Topping the list is President Barack Obama, but further down you’ll find several tvnewsers. CNBC’s Jim Cramer falls in at #14: “Love him or hate him, the former hedge-fund manager turned “Mad Money” host on CNBC still has a voice that out-booms all others when it comes to stock picking.”

There’s also FBN’s Neil Cavuto, who “has seen his profile rise as the financial crisis rages and the economy swoons. A familiar face on both the Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network, he’s the network’s unapologetic free-market voice at a time when defending capitalism has become a tougher sell.”

Also on the list, Maria Bartiromo (“she’s become the first face of financial news during one of the worst downturns in history”) and Larry Kudlow (“If Barack Obama makes the case for higher taxes on the rich, you can bet CNBC host Lawrence Kudlow will be taking the other side of that trade”) of CNBC.