TVNewser’s 5 Twitter Groups to Follow

By kevin 

Twitter introduced its “Lists” feature last week, which allows users to create organized groups of the people they follow to share with others. TVNewser has put together five lists of newsers and other frequent tweeters that are worth checking out. Clicking the titles will take you to a page where you can follow the whole group, or if you’re feeling all picky-choosy, you can select specific accounts you want to follow.

1. White House Correspondents: These guys are on the front lines of White House reporting and their updates give a pretty interesting perspective from the inside. It’s not all serious though. The “Goatee Gamble” played out recently over twitter.

2. Amusing Newsers: It takes a special talent to be consistently amusing in 140 character chunks. These newsers don’t disappoint in that department.

3. People You Would Not Expect to Have Robust Twitter Accounts: Larry King has a twitter account. Enough said there.

4. Media Reporters: A group of other TV and media biz reporters with the industry goods that will keep you up-to-date.

5. Weatherpeople: You’d expect that weather anchors would tweet mostly about the weather, but, surprisingly, these weathermen (and weatherwomen) are probably our favorite all-around tweeters.

Bonus: Mediabistro blogs: Okay. This is blatant mediabistro promoting, but frankly, some of our colleagues are pretty great tweeple and their feeds are worth checking out.

There are plenty of other newsers with big followings and accounts worth checking out that didn’t fit neatly into one of the above categories. Next week, we’re going to publish a list of reader favorite tweeters. Start dropping the names of your favorites in the comments section or, better still, tweet them @tvnewser.