TVNewser’s 2013 March Madness Bracket Challenge

By Alex Weprin 

Spring is here (even though it may not feel like it where you are) and with it comes the sweet sound of sneakers on hardwood: the NCAA March Madness college basketball tournament.

Every year we have some of the best and brightest from the world of TV news come together in one competition to see who is tops at picking winners and losers.

Ultimately there can be only one winner, and they get the chance to brag about their picking prowess for all to see. 2012’s winner was Fox Business Network stocks editor Liz MacDonald. Liz wont be participating this year, but 2011’s winner Dominic Chu is back to try and reclaim the title.

Here is your 2013 TVNewser March Madness lineup:

Team Bloomberg:

Dominc Chu, markets reporter, Bloomberg TV

Team CBS News:

Chris Licht, EP, “CBS This Morning”

Gayle King, anchor, “CBS This Morning”

Charlie Rose, anchor, “CBS This Morning”

Norah O’Donnell, anchor, “CBS This Morning”


Wolf Blitzer, anchor, “The Situation Room”

Suzanne Malveaux, anchor, “CNN Newsroom”

Sam Feist, DC bureau chief, CNN

Randi Kaye, anchor, “CNN Newsroom”

Tom Foreman, correspondent, CNN

Lisa Sylvester, correspondent, “The Situation Room”

Joe Johns, correspondent, CNN

Janelle Rodriguez, VP of programming, CNN

Don Lemon, anchor, “CNN Newsroom”

Eric Sherling, director of DC programming, CNN

Chad Myers, meteorologist, CNN

Carol Costello, anchor “CNN Newsroom”

Brooke Baldwin, anchor, “CNN Newsroom”

Team Fox News/Fox Business Network

Adam Shapiro, reporter, Fox Business Network

Anna Kooiman, correspondent, Fox News

Rick Leventhal, senior correspondent, Fox News


Becky Quick, anchor, “Squawk Box”

Bill Wolff, MSNBC VP and EP, “The Rachel Maddow Show”

Brian Shactman, reporter, CNBC

Brian Sullivan, anchor, “Street Signs”

Joe Kernen, anchor “Squawk Box”

KC Sullivan, senior VP and CFO, CNBC

Matt Quayle, EP, “Squawk Box”

Scott Boyarksi, VP of digital product development, CNBC

Gary Schreier, EP, “Closing Bell”

Steve Kornacki, host, “The Cycle” and “Up”

Tyler Mathisen, anchor, ‘Power Lunch”

Team TVNewser/computer

Alex Weprin, senior editor, TVNewser

Last year your TVNewser senior editor finished dead last, using his time-tested picking skills. This year he decided to let a computer randomly pick the winners. Can he do better by having a computer pick the teams? Stay tuned.