TVNewser Recap: Week of October 4

By kevin 

A few of the most popular stories on TVNewser this week:

  • It was the eighth anniversary of the war in Afghanistan. Some newsers shared reflections and opinions.
  • Joe Halderman spoke for the first time.
  • CBS “Early Show” anchor Dave Price called TVNewser from the road during his cross-country adventure.
  • Imus began his Fox Business Network simulcast. Ratings. Reactions.
  • CNN “fact-checked” a SNL sketch, and received some mocking itself.
  • Rep. Michele Bachmann described some MSNBC hosts as “stalkers,” and one of them responded.
  • For our TVNewser “Where Are They Now?”, we talked with former PBS anchor Robert MacNeil.
  • NASA attacked the moon. And it was way less exciting than most people thought it would be.
  • Nielsen called a meeting to discuss integrating online viewing numbers with TV ratings.
  • We introduced the video wall.