TV Newsers Invade Netflix Drama ‘House of Cards’

By Brian Flood 

Netflix unveiled season three of the political drama “House of Cards” last week and the characters watch a ton of TV news. MSNBC’s Ari Melber is among the many newsers who make an appearance on the show.

HOC MSNBC“It was fun to try doing my real job in a fictional context – and the writing was better than what I’d come up with for myself,” Melber told TVNewser. “The experience also showed just how much work the creators put into building the multiple layers of the show’s fictional world – we shot several takes of carefully written dialogue for what amounted to “background noise,” or exposition, all to set up what the main characters would be discussing in the foreground.”

CToddPerry Bacon makes an appearance and Stephen Colbert has a prominent cameo, in which Frank Underwood appears on “The Colbert Report.” NBC “Nightly News” interim anchor Lester Holt is heard in the background, reading a news report pertaining to the events of that episode. Chuck Todd hosts a version of “Meet the Press” within “House of Cards,” in which he discusses President Underwood’s America Works plan.

CNN’s Jake Tapper and Dana Bash also make appearances, while ABC’s George Stephanopoulos joined the show for the second time. Stephanopoulos’ shoot occurred at ABC’s NYC studio on West 66th street and only took about 30 minutes. There is even a scene that features a report on Al Jazeera America.

Notice any TV newsers on “House of Cards” Season 3 that we missed? Let us know in the comment section.