TV News Snapshot – 8:38amET

By Chris Ariens 

Barack and Michelle Obama voted this morning during the critical hour of 8:30amET, when the broadcast morning shows would still be on the air. And we don’t know what’s on the ballot in Chicago, but it took 14 minutes from the time he approached the voting station until Obama emerged with his ballot.

Joe Biden arrived at his polling place in Delaware just as the Obamas had handed in their ballots.

> Update from an emailer: “I just voted in Chicago (Cook County, where the Obamas voted) and there are over 70 judges on the ballot in addition to the president, senate, congress, local offices etc. I saw Obamas had a cheat sheet, like I did for the judges, usually the bar association recommendations, which meant it took time to vote yes or no for each judge…they only had one sheet and shared it, you can see they handed it back and forth from each other, it’s a long ballot.”