TV News Bias? That’s Nothing New – “Your Industry is Wrecking All of Us”

By Chris Ariens 

Tomorrow morning, C-SPAN Radio will air new calls from Pres. Lyndon Johnson. They are the latest and last release of his conversations provided by the LBJ Library.

During one call, on August 29, 1968, Pres. Johnson is dressing down then-CBS president Frank Stanton for what he considers biased media coverage of the Democratic convention in Chicago.

“Frank, I wanted to tell you, I hang my head in shame at the industry and particularly at [Walter] Cronkite and — the — what I would say the very unfair personalized reporting of these fellas. And I think that you ought to know that opinion because you are going to be disappointed in me down the road if I didn’t tell you that. I’m just telling ya frankly that I think your industry is wrecking all of us. Now, because I think first of all you all have political motives to serve. I don’t think you do, but I know he does. I’ve looked at the reports on him. I know that some of Paley’s son-in-law does. I know that some of your reporters do, as do NBC. I think you have evil influences working.”

There’s an audio clip after the jump. The new calls will be played on C-SPAN Radio at 10amET available nationwide on XM Satellite Radio and on the Web at