TV News Anchors Predict the 2009 NFL Season

By kevin 

Ok, people. It’s time for the pros.

To celebrate the start of football season last week, we asked the TV White House correspondents to make their picks for the College Football National Championship. Now, TVNewser has asked anchors from each of the news networks to offer us some opinion journalism in the form of their predictions for the winner of Super Bowl XLIV and for the 2009 NFL season. Here’s what they said:

Wolf Blitzer, CNN
“The Pittsburgh Steelers will win it all again. They have a great offense, led by Ben Roethlisberger, and a very strong defense. They also have excellent coaching and experience to get it all done.”
John King, CNN
“The New England Patriots — with Tom Brady back, the world of football has returned to its proper order.”
Bill Hemmer, Fox News
“NFC: NY Giants are a playoff team. Eagles are interesting w/ Michael Vick. Vikings could surprise people, not so much because of Brett Farve, but a standout defense will keep Minnesota in the game. AFC: I can dream of my Cincinnati Bengals actually having a winning record, but it would be only that. A dream. Pittsburgh is still solid and San Diego will be good. Wild guess for Super Bowl: Giants and Chargers.”

Megyn Kelly, Fox News
“NY Giants with another Superbowl victory. And the Eagles see a lot of empty seats in a stadium of normally devoted fans thanks to their decision to recruit Michael Vick.”
Joe Scarborough, MSNBC
“The Patriots.”

Jim Cramer, CNBC
“The Super Bowl will be the Eagles versus the Patriots and the Patriots will win.”
Carl Quintanilla, CNBC
“San Diego Chargers. If it hadn’t been for injuries (and some ridiculous officiating at their expense) last year might have been their year. Now, they have Shawne Merriman back, a fierce kick-return, and a division so weak the ‘Squawk Box’ touch-football team could kick butt. Watch how new coaching assignments help Norv Turner win in the post-season, too.”
Liz Claman, Fox Business Network
“The Cleveland Browns, of course. They’re the Bad News Bears of the NFL. How can you not root for a team that plays in brutal conditions every year on Lake Erie, gets no respect and whose cheap seats are called the ‘Dawg Pound?’ And besides, I need to see them avenge the painful loss to Denver on that fateful day in January of 1988 when the Broncos beat them in the final minutes, 38 to 33? You’re darned right I’m holding the torch. Go Cleveland!”
David Asman, Fox Business Network
“I’m completely biased because of the weekly segment I do on ‘Scoreboard’ with Jets owner Woody Johnson, but I’d love to see Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez take the Jets to the Super Bowl. Sanchez is young and inexperienced, and definitely needs seasoning. But he’s going to be exciting to watch. Having said that, I have to keep my eyes on the other New York team, The Giants. Although I grew up as a Redskins fan, I’ve grown to like the Giants in my 20 plus years as a New Yorker. Then there are the two wild card quarterbacks, Favre and Vick. Both of them are going to be interesting to watch in terms of how they affect their teams, particularly Vick and his action in the backfield. It’s going to be a great season! However, for the Super Bowl, I’d have to pick the Steelers, not based on loyalty but just practicality.”
Jenna Lee, Fox Business Network
“Vikings! One of my dad’s former teams and also…let’s see what Bret Farve can do!”