TSA Rules Become Hot News Topic Nov. 15-21

By Alex Weprin 

TSA rules regarding the full body scanners and pat downs became a hot news topic for the week of November 15-21, according to the Project for Excellence in Journalism’s News Coverage Index. The TSA and terror threats in general were he number two story for the week, behind only the economy, which has been near or at the top of the list for much of this year.

All told, TSA/homeland security took up 10% of the total newshole, including 15% of the coverage on the cable networks. By comparison, the economy took up 11% of the total newshole, with the 2010 election results, Afghanistan and Congressional corruption scandals rounding out the top five.

As usual, President Barack Obama was the top newsmaker for the week, though news of the royal engagement brought Prince William and Kate Middleton into the top five. Congressman Charles Rangel was the number two newsmaker for the week, which saw him censured by his colleagues.