Trump to Bernanke, Bush: You’re Fired

By SteveK 

Today on Fox Business Network at 6pmET, Neil Cavuto sits down with that famous self-promoting billionaire, Donald Trump. Trump will talk about his new season of Celebrity Apprentice as well as the 2008 presidential campaign.

But Trump will also be laying out his platform. While discussing what he would do if he were running the Fed, Trump brings up America’s “terrible” economy, and his idea to lower interest rates by a full percentage point.

Trump tells Cavuto what he would do if he were running the country as well, which would involve bringing down the price of oil to $30 a barrel. How? By calling Saudi Arabia and telling them, “oil is coming down!” And if they don’t…they’re fired! (or something…)

> Related: CNBC’s Jim Cramer will guest judge on Celebrity Apprentice tonight at 9pmET on NBC.

> Update: Trump and Cramer will be together even before the Celebrity Apprentice airing tonight. Trump will guest on Mad Money tonight at 6pmET and replayed at 11pmET.