Trump Supporters Target CNN

By Mark Joyella 

At a rally Monday night, Donald Trump described the news media as worse than the woman he called the devil during Sunday’s presidential debate. “You talk about Crooked Hillary, they’re worse than she is,” Trump said, pointing to the media riser, as the crowd began chanting “CNN sucks.”

“I get why people criticize the media—often, it is with good reason,” said CNN anchor Chris Cuomo Tuesday morning. “But I think this is very high on the list of irresponsible things the guy has done. Katy Tur of NBC had to be walked to her damn car by the Secret Service because of what came out of his face.”

Tur herself had reported Monday an incident involving Trump supporters directly chanting at a CNN correspondent:

Trump also falsely accused CNN of turning off their cameras to avoid airing the anti-CNN chants and comments: