Trump: George Will Should Be ‘Thrown Off Fox News’

By Mark Joyella 

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has fired at shot at Fox News commentator George Will, calling Will “boring and totally biased” and saying he should be “thrown off Fox News.”

Trump criticized Will in a series of tweets, describing Will as a “broken down political pundit…who is wrong almost all the time” and saying Will (who he called “dopey”) has never gotten over Trump skipping a speech of his at Mar-a-Lago “because he’s BORING.”

The Hill reports Trump was likely irritated by a Thursday column Will wrote in The Washington Post:

“Silly season is over, and the time to dump Trump is now.”

“Every day that such errant nonsense sloshes through the Republican nominating contest is a day when the party’s claim to represent what the country craves — adult supervision — becomes less credible,” Will wrote in his nationally syndicated column.

“Fortunately, sufficient days remain for Republicans to reshuffle the deck, to relegate Trump’s rampaging to the nation’s mental attic, and to recognize in Christie a serious political talent.”