Trump Chief Strategist Steve Bannon Thinks Fox News ‘Got It Wrong More Than Anybody’

By Chris Ariens 

“The media bubble is the ultimate symbol of what’s wrong with this country,” Steve Bannon tells Michael Wolff in his first interview since being named chief strategist to Pres.-elect Trump.

“It’s just a circle of people talking to themselves who have no f—ing idea what’s going on. If The New York Times didn’t exist, CNN and MSNBC would be a test pattern. The Huffington Post and everything else is predicated on The New York Times. It’s a closed circle of information from which Hillary Clinton got all her information — and her confidence. That was our opening.”

Bannon engineered the final months of Donald Trump‘s winning campaign for president. Had Trump lost, Bannon, would have gone back to running Breitbart News, instead he’s going to the White House.


Bannon says the most reliable media outlet for conservatives “got it more wrong than anybody.”

“Rupert [Murdoch] is a globalist and never understood Trump. To him, Trump is a radical. Now they’ll go centrist and build the network around Megyn Kelly,” he figures. From Wolff:

Bannon recounts, with no small irony, that when Breitbart attacked Kelly after her challenges to Trump in the initial Republican debate, Fox News chief Roger Ailes — whom Bannon describes as an important mentor, and who Kelly’s accusations of sexual harassment would help topple in July — called to defend her. Bannon says he warned Ailes that Kelly would be out to get him too.