Trish Regan’s New FBN Show ‘Will Give Viewers an Edge’

By Brian Flood 

The Intelligence Report with Trish Regan premires on Fox Business Network today at 2pmET. We caught up with Regan for 5 Questions to discuss her new show, her kids and even her favorite place to grab dinner.

TVNewser: Tell us about your new show, The Intelligence Report.

Regan: It’s a news program that will give viewers an edge—intel— on the most important stories of the day.  We’re covering everything from politics to international struggles to sports and media – all through an economic and business lens.  There will be a lot of analysis, a diversity of opinion, and a heavy focus on the news that affects Americans’ money, safety and future.

TVNewser: You’ve already worked at CBS, CNBC, Bloomberg… What excites you about joining Fox Business Network?

Regan: This was an opportunity I could not resist. Roger Ailes is a proven winner and he’s created an entrepreneurial and optimistic culture that you can just feel the moment you step foot in this building.  I’m thrilled to be here.

TVNewser: You signed with Fox Business back in March, but didn’t make your debut until May. How’d you spend the time in between?

Regan: I’ve been hard at work on behind-the-scenes planning. I’ve been assembling a team, working on the set, helping with graphics and, of course, have spent a lot of time focused on our editorial plans. It’s been busy.

TVNewser: You have three kids… do they have any idea that mommy is on TV?

Regan: Kind of. Then again, they think anyone who goes to work must be on TV. Lately, they’ve been asking, “Why can’t we watch Daddy at work?” (laughs). Anyway, they’re very excited I’m here at Fox because they think “Fox” is the greatest name in the world for a TV network.  They keep drawing little pictures of foxes for me.  I’m amassing a collection that I’ll need to hang in my office.

TVNewser: OK, what’s your favorite meal in New York City?

Regan: That’s easy. Bouley. The food is wonderful  — and it’s quiet, which I love.