Trevor Noah’s Favorite News Sources: Rachel Maddow, Ezra Klein

By Mark Joyella 

Daily Show host Trevor Noah loves Rachel Maddow and really loves German Lopez, a writer at Vox. Noah says he’s a “big fan” of Vox and “everything Ezra Klein is doing.”

In an interview in the new issue of Playboy, Noah explains how he reads in on the day’s news ahead of hitting the office and starting work on the day’s show. “I’ll read the news, as much of it as I can. It’s usually The New York Times, The Washington Post. It’s BuzzFeed News. It’s The Skimm, which is a daily newsletter that pulls together the most interesting reads of the day.”

Noah tells Playboy “making TV every day is a very tough job.” Sure enough, earlier today Noah took some criticism from Fox News host Megyn Kelly, who had been the subject of a Daily Show segment Wednesday night.

Choosing his topics is a team effort, he says:

Around 20 of us will gather in the morning to figure out what the show is going to be. We talk out all the possibilities, and then I make my decisions based on a few things. Number one, is it interesting? Number two, is it funny? Number three, do I have something to say about it? That’s what I look for. You know, Lindsey Graham saying the choice between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz is like being shot or poisoned, you’re going to run with something like that. I always go, What would I share with my friends? Because that’s the way I see the audience.