Touby on Paid Online Content: “Wake Up and Start Working Together”

By SteveK 

The founder of, Laurel Touby joined us this morning, along with her husband, Businessweek columnist Jon Fine. They discussed/argued about the best way for newspapers to charge for content online, the future of Playboy Magazine (and magazine pornography in general), Jay Leno’s move to 10pm and more.

“Every single story we’re talking about we listed off some newspaper web site,” said Touby of online content. “Picture a world without media, without news, without digital reporting,” said Touby. “First of all you’re making the assumption that newspapers are the only media, I love newspapers, I subscribe to two of them…but the idea that newspapers will be the only way news is produced is just patently silly,” said Fine.

Touby’s quote of the podcast: “The tactile sensation of a magazine in bed is better than the tactile sensation of a warm, hot laptop on your lap…oh, maybe I take that back.”

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