Tony Snow’s Death: Ailes and Greta

By SteveK 

More from Roger Ailes appearance this morning on Fox & Friends:

Well, I’d known Tony before. So I’d met him in Washington years ago and I knew of him. And I always thought he was a great communicator and what people don’t know about Tony is that he was a genuine intellectual. He had traveled, he understood a lot about foreign policy, he was a writer. He was a very deep thinker. On top of that, he was, he played in a rock band, and sometimes did things you didn’t expect of him. So he was a renaissance man in a sense and kind of guy who could go anywhere and have an intellectual conversation with anyone. At the same time, the only thing he ever worried about was his family. That was the only time I ever saw Tony show any concern about anything. If you got on to the family, he’d tell you about his wife, he’d tell you about his kids, and you could tell, that was his focus and his concern, and where he put all of his effort. So, you know, he was a man that we just all admired greatly.

Greta Van Susteren, who anchors a special edition of On The Record tonight at 9pmET, responds on her blog:

Tony was a favorite…not just of mine but of everyone who has worked with him…he was the first person in the DC Bureau to welcome me to Fox and he never stopped being just about the nicest guy you ever met. I never heard him say a harsh thing about anyone (something that I can’t say about myself…) I have asked to come in tonight and do a one hour special about Tony.