Tony Snow: Not Just A “Commentator”

By Brian 

All the stories about Tony Snow‘s possible press secretary gig are calling him a “Fox News Radio host” or “commentator.” But it’s important to note that Snow is also treated like a Fox News anchor, with all the credibility that is attached to the word. Snow is the “host” of “Weekend Live,” a two-hour program on Saturday afternoons. On Saturdays, Snow takes off the right-wing radio host hat and puts on the anchor hat. In addition, for seven years, Snow was the host of Fox News Sunday. He inteviewed individuals like Condi Rice and Don Rumsfeld. Now he could be working with them to communicate a coherent message…

> NNDB: Snow was “known at Davidson College in the ’70s as the longhair with a penchant for playing the Jethro Tull tune “Aqualung” on his flute.”

> Talking Points Memo snarks: “Isn’t that more like an interdepartmental transfer than a job change?”