Tom Brokaw Talks Brian Williams with FNC’s Sean Hannity

By Brian Flood 

NBC’s Tom Brokaw is making the rounds to promote his new book, A Lucky Life Interrupted, and last night he found himself on Fox News Channel’s Hannity. Brokaw discussed his battle with cancer, ISIS and what NBC should do with suspended news anchor Brian Williams.

On the media speculation surrounding his thoughts on the situation with Williams:

I read things attributed to me or what my state of mind is — completely wrong, almost all of them. I hope that this can get worked out to the advantage of everybody, but we’ve got to let the process play out.

On whether he stays in touch with Williams:

No. I well, stay in touch with him, no. I mean, he is now at a point where he’s, I gather, trying to decide how it is that he’s going to respond. And my answer to all of these questions is always the same. We have a process under way in fairness to Brian — and by the way, we’ve always had cordial relationships.  In fairness to him and his family, we need to let the process play out. And there’s been way too much speculation.

On whether someone is seeking revenge against Williams:

Yes, I don’t know. I’m — it would be hard for me to assign motivation. I just think what happens with the profusion of social media is that if you get any kind of a name, and it has nothing to do with philosophy or personality, if it’s a name that everyone recognizes, they’re going to punch it out there because they think it’ll bring in viewers.

Check out the full segment below: