Tom Brokaw: ‘It Never Occurred to Me That I Was Going to Die’

By Brian Flood 

NBC News’ Tom Brokaw will discuss his upcoming memoir on a special edition of Dateline NBC Thursday night at 10pmET.

A Lucky Life, Interrupted: A Memoir of Hope comes out on May 12 and reveals how Brokaw’s life has changed since his cancer diagnosis. The book is also expected to help families who face similar circumstances by offering lessons Brokaw learned while going through intense cancer treatments.

“It never occurred to me that I was going to die. I’m gonna beat this. No question. I’ll get through this somehow. That’s unrealistic in some ways,” Brokaw said.

During the Dateline special, Brokaw opens up for the first time on prime-time TV about his journey since being diagnosed with multiple myeloma back in 2013. The treatable, but incurable, blood cancer has been difficult, but Brokaw says the road to remission was ultimately rewarding. Brokaw’s doctors and nurses will also be part of the special.