Tom Brokaw: ‘I Do Not Want to Give Up a Place on the Team’

By Mark Joyella 

NBC’s Tom Brokaw writes in The New York Times today about his ongoing fight with cancer, and how it has forced him to make choices about which stories he will cover “during this momentous, if unsettling, year.”

Brokaw, who revealed in 2014 he had been diagnosed with multiple myeloma, says the cancer remains in remission. The former NBC Nightly News anchor says he now has two titles: “journalist” and “cancer patient.”

“After a half century as a prominent part of NBC News political coverage I do not want to give up a place on the team during this momentous, if unsettling, year. Other decisions are not so clear cut. Cancer fund-raising events? Yes, if the distance and demands are not onerous. But is it possible that NBC News coverage of the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, two very long plane rides away, would not be at all affected by my absence? I think it is.”